Meet The Team

James Staveley


Our entrepreneurial CEO James is always on the move. James manages a diverse portfolio including businesses in house building and quarrying all the way through to management recruitment and consultancy for blue chip and multi-national companies.

James is a family man who loves outdoor activities and Yorkshire. His love of the local area has encouraged his already active interest in green energy and sustainability which through investment and commitment has lead the way for Lightwater Quarries to become one of the most sustainable quarry operations in the UK.

James is always encouraging his teams to develop and to suggest new ideas. With a degree in Management Studies and qualifications through the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development he is supportive of change and always driving the business forward with innovative new ways of working. With his enthusiasm for all our projects and products we are always sure of his time and energy being at our disposal, enabling us to meet our customers’ needs and grow our concrete and aggregates business successfully.

Stephen Bradley

Financial Director

Stephen manages the Lightwater Group’s busy finance department, with the growing Quarry and Concrete businesses occupying much of his time.

Stephen is a chartered accountant with twenty years of experience as a finance director, having worked in several industry sectors including quarrying, construction, technology and media. Stephen is an innovative and enthusiastic member of the team, committed to the ongoing growth and success of our businesses. The construction and quarrying industries have certainly experienced challenges in recent years, not least because of the last recession, and  Stephen is here to ensure that Lightwater Quarries and Concrete4U have a bright future.

Kevin Parker

General Manager

Our enthusiastic and committed General Manager Kevin is a Chartered Engineer and is the secretary of the Yorkshire branch of the Institute of Quarrying, after his previous role of chairman which he thoroughly enjoyed.

With a diverse range of extra-curricular activities ranging from off-road motor biking to volunteering as a Community First Responder for Yorkshire Ambulance Services, Kevin is never stuck for something to do.

Professionally Kevin is always striving to improve the business and after 14 years Kevin’s passion for continuously improving the business hasn’t waned and he is always happy to get stuck in. With quality and service being a driving force for the business Kevin is always at the forefront of continually improving and developing new ideas and finding solutions to industry challenges. He is committed to James’ vision of a sustainable future for the business and is excited by ensuring we preserve and protect the environment in which we work.

Michael Pye

Commercial Manager

Our intrepid Commercial Manager Michael has over 25 years industry experience and has an in-depth working knowledge of the local market having lived and worked in Yorkshire all his life.

Michael is a cycling enthusiast (although given his equal love of pork pies it is often suggested he should spend more time on his bike.)

Michael started his career with Tilcon and has worked in many varying and diverse roles to build a skill set that enables him to offer exceptional customer service and a working knowledge of all things quarry and concrete related. Michael is dedicated to the business and our customers, always ensuring we go above and beyond to guarantee the level of service our customers require. He will go out of his way to get our customers the materials they need through direct supply or by merchanting the materials in order to make life as easy as possible for our customers and their clients.

Andy Parker

Quarries Manager

Our dedicated Quarries Manager Andy has over 20 years of experience in quarrying and over 12 years of experience in concrete.

Andy is a bit of a workaholic, however when we do manage to shove him out of his overalls and into the world he is a keen motorcycle enthusiast.

Andy is always looking at new ways to improve our products and service. Looking after our transport and production certainly keeps Andy busy. He is not afraid of a challenge and always gets stuck in, ensuring we are continually improving and keeping our customers happy with great quality concrete and aggregates. Andy will always work with the Michael to ensure the right product of the highest quality goes out the gate to all our customers, through driving innovation in the quarry and right through to the concrete business Andy has ensured our customers get nothing but the best quality assured material.

Craig Parkin

Dispatch & Transport Manager

Our ever cheerful dispatcher has a massive job to do and is always hopping between several different tasks at once, the term multi-tasking has a new meaning around Craig because he is always on the go.

Craig cycles to work every day and really enjoys time outside whether it is on his bike or just having a long walk in the countryside.

Craig has been in production planning most of his career and as such has a great working knowledge of the logistics involved in shipping an ever expanding fleet of vehicles. Hard working and dedicated he has a lot of customers and drivers depending on his organisation and efficiency to ensure we always offer fantastic service. Craig never sees problems only challenges and works with our fleet to ensure they make the most out of their driving hours which also means we get the maximum amount of aggregates possible to our customers.

Hannah Thomas

Sales & Marketing Manager

Our vibrant Sales and Marketing Manager Hannah spends most of her time online and contrary to popular belief she is not shopping but updating our website and all our various online advertising and social media pages.

Hannah like a lot of the team enjoys cycling and has a very energetic Labrador retriever, Jack, so spends most of her time outside walking the dog and trying to find a way to wear him out, a task which so far has shown very poor results.

Hannah has worked in the construction industry for over 10 years and has seen it go through a lot of changes. Starting her construction career in concrete sales she has also looked after both asphalt and aggregates as an internal and external sales representative. Hannah manages the concrete sales and distribution therefore ensuring customers get the best service possible by allowing them time on site while also looking at limiting driver journeys in order to manage as environmentally friendly concrete business and fleet as possible.