Concrete Easingwold

Looking for Concrete Easingwold?

We can help! We have been supplying concrete to Easingwold and the surrounding areas for many years and our clients have found our prices extremely competitive. We mix the concrete on site so there is no waste, only pay for the concrete you use, plus many more great benefits.

  • Estimate the amount and then only pay for what you use
  • No danger of under or over ordering
  • Concrete conveniently mixed on site by our volumetric trucks with load sizes from a wheel barrow to 9m3
  • Competitive prices, no waste or returned concrete
  • Environmentally friendly, no wasted journeys or fuel, less CO2
  • Two wheel barrows carried for you to use, but please make sure you have a couple of willing hands to push them!
  • We can do more than one kind of mix on the same visit
  • Pumpable and Reinforced Concrete available
  • Concrete made the way you want it, using local stone, sand and pure Portland Cement
  • Out of hours, night and weekend work no problem in and around Easingwold

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