Concrete Richmond

If you’re looking for concrete in Richmond and the surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place!

We can supply concrete based on your estimate, then you only pay for what you actually use because our concrete is mixed on site.

This way of doing things means there is no danger of over-ordering, concrete is mixed in our volumetric trucks with load sizes from a wheelbarrow to 9m3.

Not only is there no danger of over ordering, but this method is environmentally friendly as well because there are no wasted journeys, meaning less fuel and less CO2.

For your convenience, we carry 2 wheelbarrows to transport the concrete, all we ask is that there are willing hands to push them!

If you need different mixes of concrete, we can do more than one kind of mix in the same visit, both pumpable and reinforced concrete is available from us.

So for concrete made the way you want it, using local North Yorkshire stone, sand and pure Portland Cement and out of hours service, look no further than Concrete 4U! Contact us for more information or to book.

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