Evenings & Weekends

Sometimes our customers ask us to deliver concrete outside of normal working hours; this could be due to the nature of the work as many infrastructure projects are more safely undertaken away from peak traffic flows.

Concrete4U has extensive experience delivering concrete to our customers in the evening, night and weekend.

With Concrete4U we are able to pre-load the wagons with the raw ingredients and then go to our customers’ sites to suit them. Our mix on site wagons (volumetrics) can carry up to 8.5m3 and can supply several different mixes as part of any load. They can also change the consistency (slump) of the concrete during a pour.

There is no wasted concrete because the wagons are able to stop and start mixing on demand so fresh concrete is only mixed at the time of use.

As concrete delivered on a conventional drum truck has a limited life it can be difficult to plan for an out of hours delivery. Our volumetric wagons alleviate this issue by mixing fresh concrete on demand.

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