Health & Safety

We consider the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and anyone else who may be affected by our activities as fundamental.

Each of us has a responsibility to learn from our successes and from incidents and to share what we learn with others. We will lead by example and hold each other and our business partners accountable for working together in a safe way.

Our Health and Safety Policy ensures we provide working conditions, equipment and systems of work, which prioritise the health and safety of our employees. We provide information, training and supervision sufficient to maintain safety standards.

For further information on safe working practices with concrete please download our COSHH Data Sheet.

Care for yourself:

Look after yourself and your concrete.
Wet concrete is caustic and will cause burns if left in contact with skin.
Wear waterproof boots and gloves.
Wear eye protection.

Skin contact:

Immediately wash with copious amounts of clean water.
Clothing contaminated by wet concrete should be removed and the skin washed thoroughly.

Eye contact:

Irrigate immediately with copious amounts of clean water.
Seek immediate medical attention.


Wash out the mouth and drink plenty of water.
Do not induce vomiting.
Seek medical advice if a large amount is swallowed.

What should I wear?

As concrete can cause burns we recommend wearing protective clothing at all times. Keep your arms covered and do not go into the concrete unless you are wearing waterproof footwear such as wellington boots, if the concrete goes over the top then remove them immediately and wash your skin and your boots. We also recommend gloves and safety glasses.

We also accept our responsibility for health and safety of persons other than employees who may be affected by our activities.


Concrete Health Safety Policy

Download the Document

Concrete COSHH Data Sheet

Download the Document