Lightwater Farms

In September 2016, the Lightwater Group reacquired control of the farm after the retirement of a long serving share farmer.

Due to the uncertain future of Brexit and world markets, a fresh way of thinking was required.

Sustainable agriculture is now the driving force behind the farm’s future policies and plans.

We now follow the principles of Conservation Agriculture which is fundamentally about carbon management in soil – based on 3 core principles:

  • Minimum soil disturbance
  • Residue cover on the soil
  • Rotations


As soil is our biggest asset, long term soil health is now a major part of our agenda.  For example:

  • Soil testing extensively across the farm including measurement of organic matter
  • Cutting down on artificial fertilisers with the use of organic manures
  • Use of cover crops to ensure year round root activity in the soil


The farm is involved with Base UK and Sustainable Futures  Both these projects are bringing together some of the most forward thinking farmers in the Yorkshire region.