Mix on Site Concrete

Mix on site concrete has several advantages over traditional methods of delivering concrete.

With mix on site concrete, there is no need for part load charges as we only mix what the customer needs on the day. This also eliminates issues with sites over or under-ordering concrete for any specific job.

Gone are the days where customers are left with a pile of messy, wasted concrete at the end of a job due to the fact that they have ordered too much. Mix on site concrete arrives on what is, in essence, a mobile batch plant.

The raw ingredients are stored in separate sections of the wagon and when we arrive on site, we can review the customers’ requirements and get to work. We mix on site to provide our customers with the exact amount of concrete required as accurately as to the nearest wheelbarrow full – then we only charge the customer for what they have used.

Our service is enhanced by the fact that there is no mess, no part load charges and we even go so far as to provide two wheelbarrows for our customers to use while we mix the concrete for them.

As we mix as we go, we are able to spend more time with our customers as we are not restricted by the lifespan of pre-mixed concrete. This means we can ensure our customers get the right quality and quantity of concrete.

This method of delivery really does allow for our customers to have a much more flexible service while offering environmental benefits such as no wasted materials and better fleet efficiency. This reduces our CO2 emissions as volumetric concrete can offer a multi-drop service.

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