24 Hour Working – A64 Grimston Bar Roundabout

Lightwater are proud to support economic growth and essential infrastructure development projects adding value to our customers and the communities we serve.
The diversity of the extensive Lightwater vehicle fleet, coupled with our ability to provide 24 hour site delivery, supported the J McCann & Sons (Nottingham) A64 Grimston Bar project to run to schedule.
A broad range of product, from hard aggregate to a considerable variation in concrete mixes, was supplied to site throughout the duration of this large project, which operated on a 24/7 basis.
Ongoing 24/7 communication between Lightwater and the on-site team was necessary to ensure prioritisation of material delivery plus on- and off-site traffic management. 6 and 8 wheelers, volumetric wagons and mixer trucks were required, and as site needs developed, Lightwater was called upon to be efficient and flexible with material supply.
Lightwater volumetric wagons are able to switch between the production of dry mix to flowing concrete and on to semi-dry product all from the same load. Flexibility coupled with efficient on site management supported the delivery of this extensive and significant construction.
Our experience and expertise driven focus leads us to be the trusted supplier of major infrastructure development projects across the region.

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