HRT Building Solutions – Split Level Domestic Extension, Pannal

At Lightwater, our experienced technical team are very familiar with the provision of innovative solutions to site access and product placement issues, and we continually strive to adapt to wide ranging customer needs.

At Pannal, a challenging site location coupled with a split level development required technical support from our team to the site, and this is a service we routinely offer to our broad client base.

Following pre-delivery project scoping, our drivers’ considerable experience and skill was fully utilised to place concrete exactly where required, with minimal site disruption.

Site safety, product quality and customer satisfaction are our bywords on all projects, and we frequently encounter, and are familiar with, projects with challenging access and placement issues.

On this occasion our drivers, as always, ensured safety protocols were met at all times, and that there was no material spillage or wastage. To achieve this meant that considerable site time had to be built in to the delivery specification, which due to our extensive fleet and staffing levels, was comfortably achieved.

Safe and efficient project delivery requires careful planning. With the extensive technical knowledge and site experience held by the Lightwater teams, on-site project managers and staff receive the support they need to fully meet their requirements and expectations.

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