24 hour fleet availability and technical support enabled Concrete4U to supply concrete throughout the night for the duration of the construction of a level crossing.
Concrete4U utilised their volumetric (mix-on-site) fleet for this project, which was ideally suited to the stop-start nature of the project, with the production of fresh concrete required over a 5+ hour period each night.
Batches were adapted to ambient conditions and poured a little drier in wet conditions and a little wetter when specialised finishes were required. With the flexibility and adaptability of our mix on site wagons this is a service that Concrete4U drivers and technical staff are well used to providing.
On site quantities at the point of delivery varied from the original specification, which was no issue for the Concrete4U mix on site wagons as only the quantity required is ever produced.
Concrete4U offers the technical support, products and services to enable their clients to meet their toughest challenges, 24/7.

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