At Lightwater, our extensive fleet of vehicles coupled with our technical expertise, enables us to support logistically challenging projects in rural and remote locations.
Rural sites frequently benefit from the use of our fleet of volumetric concrete wagons which deliver mix on site concrete throughout the region. Supplying up to 8.5m³ of fresh concrete per wagon, a steady flow of concrete is guaranteed, each mix being carefully calibrated to ensure material specifications are met every time.
At Greenhow, strip footings were large and long, however Lightwater fleet vehicles routinely carry additional equipment to manage the challenging placement of materials, enabling projects to run efficiently and to time.
Prior to delivery, the Lightwater control and technical teams liaise with site staff and project managers to fully understand site requirements, allowing sufficient time to deliver under the most challenging conditions.
Volumetric (mix on site) vehicles enable our experienced drivers to place what is needed on the day, providing a cost effective solution to our clients, who only have to pay for what they take. No material is wasted and there is no call for clients to dispose of waste product.

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