Concrete for a Shed Base York

If you are looking to build a shed in York or a garden room then we can supply the right concrete for the job. As a lot of sheds and garden rooms are at the rear of properties getting the concrete to the place you want to lay it can be hard work especially if the supplier wants to just tip the concrete and go to the next job.

Here at Concrete4U we are different, we mix on site or supply on a mini-mix drum and weigh off what you need which means we wait while you pump or barrow or even dumper the concrete to where you want it placed and then you only pay for what you used. We provide two wheelbarrows for our customers to use while we wait for them to get the concrete to the job and with the mix on site wagons we can change the mix part way through or make it slightly wetter or dryer to suit the task. With no mess, no waste and exceptional service we really are the supplier of choice for Concrete for a shed base York.

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