Versatile Fleet

We have at Lightwater Quarries and Concrete4U a drum mixer and a 10t wagon. What most people don’t know is that they are the same wagon!

Our driver Tony Rhodes is able to swap the body on the back of the wagon to either a concrete drum for mini mix loads or a tipper body for small aggregate deliveries of up to 10t. This enables us to service our small loads efficiently and utilise our fleet effectively across both product lines.

The wagon is a relatively new addition to our fleet and from practically the first day we got it we found ourselves inundated with customers wanting to use it! It is always on the road making deliveries.

Due to the size of the wagon it is great for getting in sites where access is restricted, or weight is an issue. Much smaller than our mix on site concrete wagons, it can supply to awkward sites where the entrance is narrow.

For aggregates it is a great solution for customers who again have tight access, as well as being handy for those smaller loads where our customers do not want to end up paying expensive un-carried/part load charges. Another advantage is that our DIY customers and local builders who just want a couple of tonnes can now buy loose material direct from the quarry in smaller quantities, buying direct has an obvious cost advantage because the customer is not paying for it to be bagged.

See our photos of our drum mixer / 10t tipper below, we have also made a video of the body being changed just to demonstrate how quick and easy it is!! View the video here