We have been keeping our customers busy right through the night…

We kept our customers working right through the night when we delivered out of hours concrete to the A1 Leeming to Barton motorway improvement scheme (A1L2B) several nights a week for over a year. We undertook more and more night shifts as the project reached its end and are delighted to have seen such a large scheme right the way through to completion.

Because we are able to work so closely and successfully with site teams and due to the nature of our mix-on-site wagons, we were able to supply many different types and consistencies of concrete in any one night. We went from supplying dry material for kerb backing one minute to wet, flowing concrete for a slab the next, and then back again to semi-dry concrete for placing signs.

Another advantage of our mix-on-site wagons is that quantity is not an issue, which was a bonus on this site as we often had to supply a different volume to that which was ordered, depending on varying requirements during the shift. As the concrete was mixed on site there was no wasted material to dispose of, so when customer plans changed at the time of delivery, we were able to cater to their needs and always delivered the correct amount of fresh concrete.

Health and Safety is of paramount importance to us as a company and also to the contractors for whom we work. On a site next to a busy motorway, traffic management has a huge impact on site access and delivery times. This was no problem as when we mix concrete on site we can stay for as long as necessary mixing whenever and wherever required in order to ensure fresh concrete is supplied no matter what the circumstances or conditions.

Our drivers attended a half day induction course to ensure they fully understood the scheme rules, the scope of the work and the risk assessment procedures they were required to follow.